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Tunghai University Resources DevelopmentCommittee is devoted to fundraising exclusively supporting themission of Tunghai University. We communicate passionately about Universityneeds and make plans involving alumni, donors, friends, faculty,staff and students.Contributions are solicited for academic purposes as part of THU’s overalladvancement effort through organized fundraising activities.

Donations aresought from individuals, corporations, and alumni associations. We keep workingto ensure that our donors are acknowledged and recognized appropriately fortheir support and assured their gifts are used for the intended purposes.Donors are also protected from improper or careless use of their confidentialinformation. 



Meet The Team 

Dr. Chia-Chung Chan

Vice President, THU

Executive Director

📧 ccchan@thu.edu.tw



Ching-Tsorng Tsai

Associate Executive Director

📧 cttsai@thu.edu.tw


Cheng-feng Huang

Associate Executive Director

📧 huang390409@gmail.com



Annie Tsai

Executive Secretary

📧 cat@thu.edu.tw


Cherrie Lu

Project Manager

📧 cl@thu.edu.tw




Hong Ling Su


📧 honglsu@thu.edu.tw


Sherry Wu

Project Manager

📧 wanzihwu@thu.edu.tw















東海大學社會資源發展委員會 (Tunghai University Resources Development Committee)
407224 臺中市西屯區臺灣大道四段1727號 東海大學社會資源發展委員會
fundraising@thu.edu.tw +886 4 23597126 / 傳真: +886 4 2358 0397

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