Donor Reward

                      Tunghai University Donor Reward Guidelines

1. Tunghai University has created guidelines to acknowledge donor generosity. Individuals or groups who give are eligible for various appreciation gifts. 

2. These tokens of appreciation apply to all financial gifts or property contributed to Tunghai University. These guidelines cover gifts to the university, specific departments, endowed chairs, endowment funds, equipment, buildings or other university programs. 

3. The following lists the Donor Appreciation Rewards based on contribution value: 

A. Tunghai University appreciation certificate to all contributors. 

B. Contributors who give over NT 50,000 to NT 500,000 are entitled to a unique Tunghai University commemorative souvenir. 

C. Contributors who give NT 500,000-NT 1 million can name a research room.

D. Contributors who give over NT 1 million to NT 3 million can name a classroom or laboratory.

E. Contributors who give over NT 3 million to NT 5 million can name a large classroom or department library.

F. Contributors who give over NT 5 million to NT 10 million can name a tiered-lecture classroom or conference room.

G. Contributors over NT 10 million to NT 20 million can name a large conference hall.

H. For a single donation over NT 20 million which reaches two thirds of the building's total worth/cost, the donor is entitled to negotiate with Tunghai University in naming the aforementioned building, part or whole, as a rewarding honor in memory of the donor.

I. Contributors who give over NT 10,000,000 are entitled to theThunghai Outstanding Contribution Award」;Contributors who give over NT 50,000,000 are entitled to theTunghai Honorary Award.

      Contributions are cumulative. This allows you to enjoy the rewards A. I.    

4. According to Application and regulation of vehicle permission in Tunghai University Article 4 (amended and passed in the administration meeting on March 11, 2015), a person who donates up to a certain amount each semester (except school students in membership) could apply for the VIP pass for the academic year or the next academic year, according to following standards. 

               A. Up to 100,000 NTD per year.

               B. Up to a half million NTD for five consecutive years.

               C. Up to one million NTD for ten consecutive years.

5. Donors can consult the Taiwan Ministry of Education’s regulations to see if they are eligible for special recognition for giving to educational institutions.

6. These donor appreciation rewards have been officially approved by Tunghai University. Any changes require Faculty Senate approval. 


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